Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My sister puts quotes from her girls on her blog, and I love it.  I'm totally going to start copying that.  I know I need to, too.  I have been making a mental list of quotes to put on the blog and already forgot them all.  If I don't start putting them in writing, I just know that a lot of memories I'd like to hang on to will be lost.  :o(

For now...

 I loved what Mia said so much when she was 4 that I put it in the "notes" app on my phone.  This seems like a great place to record it:
While she looked out at the rain on the car window she said, "Mommy, the rain is having a dance party on the window!"

Graham:  "Mommy, did you have to cut your shirt when you took Ross out of your belly?"

Graham to Jeremy:  "How much did you have to pay for Ross?"  After Jeremy explained that we didn't pay for Ross, Graham asked, "Even his eyes and his nose and his mouth?"

Mia goes to school at Mittlestadt Elementary.  While she was at school one day, Graham said, "When I was a little girl, I went to Mittlestadt."  I tried and tried to understand what he meant...(still working on it).

It's so sad that's all I can remember right now.  I know my mom and I were cracking up recently because of something Mia said to her.  My mom told me that I HAD to write that one down.  I reassured her that I'd never forget it!  Ummmm....just a few weeks later, I have absolutely no idea what Mia said.  Ugh!!!  I guess I'll have to update this the moment I have a "moment". 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Plan!

I think I finally have "a plan".

Now that Mia's in school, I can commit sooo much more of my focus on Graham.  It's amazing how much he has to say!  It is seriously nonstop, and I must admit that I do completely block him out at times.  I'm trying to be better about it, though.  I don't want him to think I don't care about what he has to say, but Jeesh!  Give me 60 uninterrupted seconds of silence!!!

Through all of his questions, I have started to figure out how he learns.  It amazes me how much of an auditory learner he is!  I find it impressive since I am completely visual/kinesthetic.  I've been trying to use any opportunity to work on letter recognition and sounds with him.  I was concerned about his complete lack of interest, but have been validated as a good teacher and stay-home mom the past few days.  Graham is pointing out letters everywhere we go and telling me the sounds they make.  He is full of excitement to be recognizing things and makes connections, reminding me of a story I told him or a book we read together when he learned a specific sound.  He is constantly wanting to read to Ross, and has even memorized a handful of books to "read" him.  It's adorable!

I decided that I'm going to start doing PreK lessons with Graham.  I'm going to start with A Letter of the Week and do various activities with that letter all week.  I'm going to integrate math, science, etc. in as well.  I think he'll love it!  He's such a little sponge right now!  I've also started teaching Mia piano, and I am noticing that Graham really wants to participate!  He'll go into our formal dining room, where we keep our other piano, and mimic the lesson Mia's doing.  It makes me sooo proud!

I feel like I now have a purpose, and this blog will have a purpose!  I can post different activities that I do with him, and maybe it will help other stay-home moms work with their kids, too.  Or...Maybe nobody will read it.  Who knows?  All I know is that I'll get to feel like I have a purpose!  I plan on starting next week.  Stay tuned... I hope I can pull this off!!!

Graham reading his Thomas the Train ABC Book to Ross!