Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quotables for October

The Target we go to gives kids free cookies in the bakery.  The lady gave Graham two.  When I mentioned how nice it was for her to give him two cookies, he replied, "Yes, but not as nice as foooour cookies!"

Mia's comment: "All of the animals on Earth are God's pets, right?  Even the wild ones are."

Mia and Graham went through the carwash with me.  I thanked them for going with me, and Mia sweetly replied, "You're welcome!  We would be honored..."

Graham and I were discussing how orange juice comes from oranges.  Then, he said, "Where does water come from?  Oh!  I know...Watermelons!  God took a watermelon and smashed it up in the food mixer and put it in a cup."

Graham's next project:  "We should make a handsoap that smells like hands.  That way when you wash your hands, your hands smell like hands!"  

Never a dull moment...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Cheerleader

Wow!  I can't believe how long it's been since I found the time to get on here and write!  Has it been almost two months?  It seems like the time flew by, but when I start thinking about everything that was going on during that time, I remember that it didn't FEEL like it flew by!

The most time-consuming thing that has been happening lately has been Mia's cheerleading.  She begged to do cheerleading, and so we signed her up.  I thought it would be a great way for her to meet some of the girls from her new school. What a crazy decision that was! Little did I know that out of the 50 cheerleaders on her team, only one other girl would be from Mia's school. 

On top of that, this cheer team is way more serious than we anticipated.  Jeremy and I have said, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" several times in the past few months, and with the dance competition part coming up soon, things are just getting more hectic.  It's quite a time commitment... especially for something that was a random "just fun" hobby to try out.

Mia loves the idea of being a cheerleader.  At home, she does the cheers and shows us the dances.  On the field, she does the arm motions, but rarely actually cheers.  She gets too embarrassed.  Her halftime dances are adorable- and her favorite.  I have a feeling she'll end up leaning more toward dance than cheer.  Because of all the practice time, she already said she doesn't want to do it again next year.  She wants more time to play with her friends.  Jeremy and I were relieved to hear it!  :o)  I think it could be easy to get caught up in "acting older" as a part of this cheerleading world.  I like seeing Mia playing with Barbies and acting like a six year old!

Being a cheerleader to Mia is more about getting to wear the uniform, knowing some cheers, and doing halftime. are some pics of my sweet cheerleader "looking the part":

I really am happy to know she'll be branching out to something new, but I have to admit that I'll miss seeing her in her uniform.  She's just so darn cute!!!!