Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quotables for October

The Target we go to gives kids free cookies in the bakery.  The lady gave Graham two.  When I mentioned how nice it was for her to give him two cookies, he replied, "Yes, but not as nice as foooour cookies!"

Mia's comment: "All of the animals on Earth are God's pets, right?  Even the wild ones are."

Mia and Graham went through the carwash with me.  I thanked them for going with me, and Mia sweetly replied, "You're welcome!  We would be honored..."

Graham and I were discussing how orange juice comes from oranges.  Then, he said, "Where does water come from?  Oh!  I know...Watermelons!  God took a watermelon and smashed it up in the food mixer and put it in a cup."

Graham's next project:  "We should make a handsoap that smells like hands.  That way when you wash your hands, your hands smell like hands!"  

Never a dull moment...


A Goldsworthy Note said...

Hahaha, those are great. Did the lady hear Graham say the four cookie thing? hahaha. Pretty clever of Mia, even wild animals are pets. Oh, and maybe Mia should go around to almost all customer service establishments and tech them how to be polite. Sounds like she's got it nailed.
They're all cute, cute, cute. Keep those quotes coming!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Good ones! My two fav's are "hand soap" and "We would be honored..."