Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Isn't it funny how you start using all of the cheesy ole' cliches the older you get?  I always feel like such a lame-o saying things that I never thought I'd hear myself saying.  (Lame-o being one of them!)  In reality, though, many of the weird things "real grown-ups" say doesn't make much sense until you've lived a little.

What did I find myself saying recently, you might be wondering?  Two things, actually:  "They grow up so fast" and "Time flies".  I actually have to credit my sister, Cynthia, with the latter.  She texted it to me when she pointed out that it had been an entire year since my last blog post.  What the...?!!!  Was she serious?  I immediately logged on and realized that she was right!  I browsed through my "lame-o" attempt at a blog, and couldn't believe how little the kids look in the pictures!  Wow- they grow up so fast!  :o)

Soooo...Our family just went through a little bit of a change, and I am taking that as a cue to start blogging again. Fresh start-at home and on my blog! 

Jeremy just left his company after nearly 12 years to start a new adventure with a different company. It's exciting, but he is traveling a lot right now as he steps into his new role, and it's definitely changed my "job" at home, as well!  Being a stay-home mom means you're working 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week without much of a break.  When you throw in no evening relief from the dad getting home, things can get...well... exhausting!

The bonus, though, is the tons of time everyone wants to spend together when he gets back!  Since Jeremy hates traveling and being away from home more than anyone I know, he is even more active and fun than his normal self when he gets back from a trip! 

When he got back from his trip last week, he was beyond eager to see the kids, hug them, and play with them.  (I got tons of hugs and kisses, too!)  His flight got in midday and after hanging out in the backyard with the boys for a while, he drove to Mia's school and picked her up a few hours early.  As soon as he got home, we packed up snacks and drinks, loaded up the bike trailer, and headed out to the park near our house.  It was a beautiful day and we ended up passing up the closer Collins Park and rode further out to Meyer Park.  After running from playground to playground, we ended up "hiking" on the trails.  Suddenly, the kids started getting moody, and we realized we had been at the park for hours.  Wow- time flies!  :o)

At home, the kids clung to Jeremy constantly.  I was relieved to have a date night with him that evening.  There was so much to talk about since we hadn't seen each other all week, and we laughed constantly!  I felt like a giddy school girl on a first date!  We did our restaurant hopping (dinner at Jasper's and dessert at Perry's- yum!) and consumed a variety of cocktails.  It made the previous five days of Mom vs Three Little Monkeys worth it.  And although I know that we won't be letting Mia ditch school every time Jeremy comes home, and we won't have a romantic date night every time (although I'd like to try!), one thing is for sure:  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!  (teehee!) 

                 Sir Graham!                                                                Hiking with my girl!

          Shoulder ride for Ross!                                             Brotherly love!

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Sounds like a great reunion! I'm glad your date went so well, too! Now I kind of want Dave to go away for a week. ;-)

I also love that your iphone is on your arm during your hike. I'm guessing that was for Nexercise purposes. I can't believe how badly you're kicking my butt!

P.S. The Sir Graham picture is hi-larious!