Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My sister puts quotes from her girls on her blog, and I love it.  I'm totally going to start copying that.  I know I need to, too.  I have been making a mental list of quotes to put on the blog and already forgot them all.  If I don't start putting them in writing, I just know that a lot of memories I'd like to hang on to will be lost.  :o(

For now...

 I loved what Mia said so much when she was 4 that I put it in the "notes" app on my phone.  This seems like a great place to record it:
While she looked out at the rain on the car window she said, "Mommy, the rain is having a dance party on the window!"

Graham:  "Mommy, did you have to cut your shirt when you took Ross out of your belly?"

Graham to Jeremy:  "How much did you have to pay for Ross?"  After Jeremy explained that we didn't pay for Ross, Graham asked, "Even his eyes and his nose and his mouth?"

Mia goes to school at Mittlestadt Elementary.  While she was at school one day, Graham said, "When I was a little girl, I went to Mittlestadt."  I tried and tried to understand what he meant...(still working on it).

It's so sad that's all I can remember right now.  I know my mom and I were cracking up recently because of something Mia said to her.  My mom told me that I HAD to write that one down.  I reassured her that I'd never forget it!  Ummmm....just a few weeks later, I have absolutely no idea what Mia said.  Ugh!!!  I guess I'll have to update this the moment I have a "moment". 


Cyndi Hendrickson said...

When I was a little girl...? Hahahahaha! I think maybe you told me that one a long time ago.

These are great! I love that I keep them. You'll be so glad you're doing it! And you just reminded me that I used to keep these on my old Colorado phone, too! I'll need to find them on there and post them for safe keeping!! I hope they're still on there!

carol anne said...

I SWORE I would always remember all the cute things they all said.... {sigh} I used to post some of the quotes from Kelly on FB and my friend calls them "Kellyisms" ~ now that Mikey has started talking, I am going to be in big trouble trying to write any of it down :D

corey said...

and yet, NO ONE can forget my comment about mexican lettuce 15 years later. i guess i should feel super special. i remember things mia said about meech and his crazy hair when we asked her to be our flower girl:) not the exact quote, but something awesome about crazy and hair. i loved it because it was what i had been thinking for years. like, i love you dude, and i want to marry you, but what's up with the crazy spikey jersey hair. mia's delivery was much sweeter than mine would have been.

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Those are great. Let me know when you figure out the "when I was a little girl..." one. Don't forget about Mia's drama princess vs queen quote.