Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a mom

Today feels strange.  It's the first day of school, and I'm at home instead of in my classroom.  I'm not reassuring parents that their child will be fine and that we're going to have a great year.  Instead, I found myself in a foreign classroom, nervous about walking Mia into a new school where she's just another student, not "Leticia's daughter".  Because, after all, at Mia's new school, I'm just a mom.  I'm not a teacher in good standing, just voted Teacher of the Year by my peers.  Nope.  I'm just a nervous mom dropping her first grader off for the first day of school.

The past two weeks building up to today have been full of anxiety for me as I've realized my unimportance in the school.  The hardest part has been my ignorance of the first grade teachers at the new school, Mittlestadt.  The only teacher I even know much about it Mrs. Parsons.  She knows my mother, and Mia being in her class would be great for two reasons:  1)  Mrs. Parsons has an excellent reputation and   2)  I like the idea of Mia being with someone both my mother and I know.  Of course, I don't have the relationship with the principal like I use to, and have really no influence over who Mia may or may not have as a teacher.  Scary.

The class lists were posted on the windows to the school yesterday,so I drove up and checked it out.  Mia was assigned to Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Pruski's class!   I was so excited, I felt tears building up in my eyes.  It felt like such a relief to know that Mia was going to have great teachers!  Mrs. Pruski and Mrs. Parsons job share, and they're a mother/daughter team!  I felt like it just couldn't get any better. 

This morning, I drove Mia to school and walked her to her classroom.  Practically every parent does this at Mittlestadt since there isn't a Meet the Teacher night, and most kids have no idea where to go.  When we reached the classroom, Mia was beaming and couldn't wait to go in.  As soon as we got to the door, we saw Logan.  He was in her kindergarten class at her last school!  Because of his mom's school transfer (she and I taught together last year), he is now at Mittlestadt!  Mia quickly took a seat next to him, happy to have a friend.  Then, we heard, "Oh my gosh!  Mia!!! Where have you been?!!!"  We looked up to see Morgan.  Morgan and Mia went to the same home daycare from infancy until preschool.  Then, they went to preschool together and were only apart for kinder.  Now they're back together again!!!  They hugged and Mia glowed!

Mrs. Parsons introduced herself to Mia and told her all about how she has known her grandmother for many years.  Mia was very impressed, and the girl that is normally quiet and reserved around teachers at school was more talkative than I had ever expected!  All of my anxiety washed away.  I said a quick goodbye and headed out the door.  She never even looked up to see me go. 

My daughter looked more confident and secure than ever today.  Graham is loving the special "mommy time" that he had to share with Mia all summer, and I'm not going to miss a moment of Ross's development.  Being "just a mom" is suddenly feeling "just right" to me!

 Mia posing in front of her new school!

The Amazing Mrs. Parsons!
Mia and her friends!
 Teacher Survival Kit


Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Yeah. Being just a mom is pretty darn cool :-) I'm glad you like the way things turned out for Mia. She'll do great!

Anonymous said...

You took me back a few years with those paragraphs... made me smile. Good memories. Hope Mia comes home with all kinds of new things she wants to share with you and her siblings. Have a great year, Mom! - jody

corey said...

"just a mom" almost makes me laugh because i see all that you do...and it should read "just a supermom!" (and friend, daughter, sister, wife, etc etc) but you getting to focus on "just being a mom" is music to my ears. i can feel how much you love those kids as i read your words...they're so lucky to have you. and i am too. love so happy for you. i know you made this decision after A LOT of thought...but even the best changes/decisions take some getting used to and showing you...head and heart...that you made the right choice. you did. muwah.